Porsche has shown a replica of its first hybrid car at the Retromobile 2020 exhibition in Paris.

The company’s founder, Ferdinand Porsche, was involved in gasoline-electric technology long before the company that bears his name was created. What was the first Ferdinand hybrid, the company showed at the exhibition “Retromobile 2020” in Paris, bringing to France an exact copy of the car.
The project was born at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, when the Austrian company Lohner offered Porsche to jointly develop an electric car. Several examples of the hybrid vehicle were produced, which proved to be very heavy and had a small power reserve on a single charge.
But instead of abandoning the project, the partners went further and created a gasoline-electric hybrid power plant based on a pair of generators driven by two single-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3.5 HP each, purchased from the French company De Dion-Bouton (this company is often mentioned when it comes to the first cars on the planet). Electricity was stored in a lead battery and fed to two engines built into the front wheels. It was a complex and highly unusual power plant. However, the main thing is that it worked perfectly.