Tauberg 15W-40 Special Diesel (Mineral motor oil)

This is a multigrade mineral motor oil, which is recommended for lubricating highly loaded four-stroke diesel engines with turbocharging and without it, as well as any types of gasoline engines. It is used in cars and trucks, construction, road and mining equipment of the leading manufacturers, requiring API CF-4/SJ and below. It provides easy starting of the engine at low temperatures. It has good detergent-dispersant properties, prevents the formation of high-temperature deposits. It guarantees reliable engine protection against wear and corrosion in severe operating conditions.

Specifications: API CF-4/SJ

Conforms to requirements: MB 228.2/228.3, MAN 271, Allison C4 Level, Volvo VDS level, Caterpillar TO-2, MIL-L-2104 E, MIL-L-46152 D