Tauberg ATF Multi (Automatic transmission fluid)

Universal synthetic working fluid produced for various types of automatic transmissions and  hydraulic power steering of modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Exceeds the requirements of DEXRON III and MERCON standards. It has high anti-oxidation and viscosity-temperature stability. It retains excellent fluidity at low ambient temperatures. Reduces vibration from the engine. It speeds up gear changes, eliminates jerks when gear changes. Provides reliable protection of parts at high operating temperatures. Neutral to sealing materials.

Specifications: Conforms to requirements: GM Dexron II/III, MB 236.1/236.2/236.5 /236.6 /236.7/236.9 /236.10 /236.11, MAN 339 Type V-1/V-2/Z-1/Z-2, Ford FNR5 / Mercon V, Allison C-4, Toyota Type T-III/T-IV, Volvo 97340 / 97341, Hyundai-Kia ATF SP-II/SP-III, Voith 55.6335 (G607), ZF 02F/03D/04D/05L/09/11B/14A/14B/16L/17C, BMW LT 71141/ 7045E / ETL-8072B / LA2634, Subaru ATF / ATF-HP, Nissan Matic D/J/K/S Заказать