Tests of the driverless buses in the Netherlands.

Test of self-driving electric vans were held in the Dutch city of Wageningen. 

Minibuses with a capacity of 6 people will be launched on the route between the cities of Wageningen and Ede, which gets 17 minutes on time. It would be done, if the problems with the legislation would be solved.

Yoris Ijsselmuiden is one of the developers, explained the operating principle of this “autopilot”: “Due to the diminution of accuracy of GPS system, for example, because of the trees, that grow along the road, the system of a bus gets the geographical bearings by the object recognition on the ground”.

The transport vehicle can determine where it is at the moment, because of the ability to compare the objects with those objects are already known.

At the moment, the speed of the minibus is about 8 km / h, but in the future we’re going to increase it to the level of 25 km / h. The range from each charge is 100 km / h.

“The initiative of this development can determine the future, because it contributes to the rampant development of the public transport new forms. People always travel all over the world , it will be in future too, but the only thing that can be changed is the mean of traveling.“, said Connie Bees, the Wageningen’s infrastructure Chief.

A source of information : motorpage