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Tauberg Agri STOU 10W-30

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Modern semi-synthetic universal oil for agricultural equipment. Universal STOU oil (Super Tractor Oil Universal, super universal tractor oil). The product is made on the basis of high-quality base oils of selective purification with the addition of additives that provide: strong dispersing and washing properties; increased level of protection against wear, corrosion and foaming; oxidation resistance; extreme pressure properties; stable viscosity index.
It is used as a universal lubricant for use in
– Gasoline engines.
– Diesel engines (as well as turbodiesel).
– Gearboxes (also for oil-cooled brakes).
– Hydraulic systems.

Conforms to requirements
MIL-L-2104D , Allison C4, Cat TO-2, Ford M2C159-C / M2C134-D, John Deere J27 / J20C, Massey Ferguson CMS M1145 / M1144 / M1139, Massey Ferguson CMS M1143 / M1135, MB 227.1, NH 410B, ZF TE-ML 06B / 07B