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Fully synthetic multigrade fuel-efficient motor oil for high-load diesel engines with or without turbochargers operating under severe conditions with an extended change interval. It is recommended for engines with and without a particulate filter (DPF), including vehicles equipped with EGR and SCR systems to reduce Nox emissions. It is used for trucks, buses, special vehicles and off-road vehicles meeting the requirements of Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI standards. Contains a balanced additive package that ensures a reliable engine protection against corrosion and damage. It has excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Ensures an easy engine start-up at negative ambient temperatures.

SAE 5W-30, API CJ-4, ACEA E6/E7/E9
Conforms to requirements
MAN 3477, MB 228.31/228.51, Cummins СES 20081, Volvo VDS-4