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Antifreeze Tauberg G11

1 l: ta1001
4 l: ta1002
200 l: ta1004


The product was designed to be used in cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines of light and truck vehicles, as well as for other machinery operated in moderate and severe conditions. It contains a balanced additives package preventing corrosion and deposits in cooling systems. It is properly serviceable at a temperature of the ambient temperature of -36°С. It protects the engine against overheating, extends the period of pump, thermostat and radiator lifetime. It is not recommended to blend it with other cooling fluids. It is safe for plastics, rubber articles and paint-and-lacquer coatings. The product does not contain phosphates, amines and nitrites.

Conforms to requirements
AFNOR NF R 15-601, ASTM D 3306 / D 4340, BMW N600.69.0, BS 6580, FIAT 55523/1, FORD SSM-97B9102A, GM B 0400240, MAN 324 NF, MB 325.0, MTU MTL 5048, SAE J 1034, VW TL 774C