Tauberg Dexron II

It is high-quality mineral transmission fluid for automatic transmissions and power steering with improved operational characteristics.

Article: ta3069 - ta3074

Tauberg Dexron III

It is a multi-purpose synthetic transmission fluid designated for automatic transmission and power steering of vehicles and trucks.

Article: ta3075 - ta3080

Tauberg 75W-90 API GL-4/GL-5

It is all-season synthetic transmission oil for mechanical gearboxes, steering boxes, axles and hypoid gears.

Article: ta3087 - ta3092

Tauberg CVT

Multigrade fully-synthetic transmission oil used for automatic variable-speed gear boxes.

Article: ta3153 - ta3157

Tauberg ATF Universal

Multifunctional fully synthetic fluid designed for all-season use in various types of automatic transmissions.

Article: ta3148 - ta3152

Tauberg 80W-90

It is high-quality mineral transmission oil.

Article: ta3093 - ta3098