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Tauberg Dexron II

1 l: ta3069
4 l: ta3070
20 l: ta3072
200 l: ta3074


It is high-quality mineral transmission fluid for automatic transmissions and power steering with improved operational characteristics. It is recommended for use in automatic transmissions of vehicles, light trucks and other motor vehicles. The oil guarantees high performance of transmission and hydraulic assemblies and components in all operational ranges. It ensures smooth shift of gears and reliable protection of friction surfaces against wear. It is not subject to foaming and neutral to sealing materials of the system.

Conforms to requirements
General Motors Dexron II D, MAN 339 Type Z-1/V-1, MB 236.1, Allison C-4, CAT TO-2, Voith 55.6335.32 , ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/11A/14A/17C


Density at 15 С 0,852
Viscosity at 40 С 37,2
Viscosity at 100 С 7,5
Viscosity Index 175
Flash point, C 190
Pour point, С -47