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Tauberg 75W-90 API GL-4/GL-5

1 l: ta3087
4 l: ta3088
20 l: ta3090
200 l: ta3092


It is all-season synthetic transmission oil for mechanical gearboxes, steering boxes, axles and hypoid gears. The oil has perfect low-temperature flow characteristics and ensures fault-free operation in any weather conditions. Improved viscosity and temperature properties of fluid guarantee fuel saving and easier behavior of gearbox components with deep frost. The oil is based on high-quality additives that ensure fault-free behavior of gearbox with extreme loads.

API GL-4/GL-5, API MT-1MAN 342 type M3; MAN 341 Type E3; MAN 341 Type Z2; MB 235.8; ZF TE-ML 02B/05B/07A/12B/12/12N/16F/17B/19C/21B; DETROIT DIESEL DFS93K219.01; Arvin Meritor 076-N; Mack GO-J; IVECO; MIL-PRF-2105E; Volvo 97312; Scania STO 1:0; Renault (Note Technique B0032/2 Annex 3); DAF; SAE J2360
Conforms to requirements


Density at 15 С 0,853
Viscosity at 40 С 85,1
Viscosity at 100 С 15,2
Viscosity Index 190
Flash point, C 200
Pour point, С -45